• Digital art

    3D game art, concept art and much more!

  • Industrial product

    Industrial products ranging from small to big!

  • Traditional artworks

    My biggest passion is creating traditional illustrations, primarily cars but also portraits.


3D Game-art / Concept-art / 3D-rendering

In this gallery you can find all my digital artworks. These will range from concept drawing, matte-paintings and vector illustrations to 3D visualisations and game assets.


Car-art / Portraits

In this gallery you will find my traditional drawings. These illustrations are made by using graphite pencils, color pencils or markers. The gallery is primarily filled with cars, but in the future there will be added more portraits as well.

<h1><center>Maikel van Hoof</center></h1>

Maikel van Hoof

3D artist / Illustrator


I’m Maikel van Hoof, 32 years old and I live in Boxtel(Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands). On the internet I’m better known as Laggtastic. I have developed a passion for both traditional as digital artworks. I have completed 2 studies, Desktop Publishing and Game-art, both at Sint Lucas. During my time at school I have learned a lot to develop my skills, but also during my internships at TVG Design, Graphic Design, 3Dimerce and Team6 Game Studios. Currently I am employed as 3D designer at Electude.

Even though I’m graduated and gained a lot of knowledge, I want to keep pushing my boundaries to get better at what I do.

My creations are related to the following media and subjects:

Traditional drawings: Cars, portraits, landscapes and objects
Digital drawings: (Game) concept art, matte painting and vector illustrations
3D rendering: Product and architectural visualisation
3D game assets: Weapons, vehicles, environment and items
Car art
3D rendering
Game art
Concept art