As a 3D artist / illustrator I create Game art Car art Portraits Renderings

<h2><center>Maikel van Hoof</center></h2>

Maikel van Hoof

3D Artist / Illustrator


I’m Maikel van Hoof, 27 years old and I live in Valkenswaard (Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands). On the internet I’m better known as Laggtastic. I have developed a passion for both traditional as digital art. I used to be a traditional artist, I still am of course, but thanks to my study for game art my interest in 3D game assets and renderings increased. Now my horizon of abilities has been expanded, I enjoy it very much to have some variation in my works.

Next to these creative passions, I have some kind of car addiction which you can see clearly in my traditional works. I draw them either with pencils or markers and I enjoy every hour I work on these drawings, also I put a lot of time into them to achieve the results I’d like to have. In my spare time I love playing game